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Your Vitally Important Marketing Strategy

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Ahh, marketing! Most businesses don't like doing it, but most also completely understand why it's so important. The simple truth is that you must market, or your business will fail.

These days, what consists of "marketing" has changed dramatically. Years ago, marketing meant going to Chamber of Commerce events and placing ads in a newspaper. Those days are gone. Now, finding the right marketing strategies means social media marketing, creating earned media opportunities, and content creation for your various digital platforms. This can seem like a lot, and your business may need expert advice in navigating these waters and finding the strategy guidance your business needs.

The Power of the Press and Earned Media

Earned media means that your business successfully gets in the news for the right reasons. However, it requires a strategy to get you there, as you have to answer multiple questions:

  • What media do you want to be published in?

  • Where are the outlets that you want to get reported on located?

  • Are there relationships you can build to enhance your earned media presence?

Having earned media can increase your credibility in the business community. This is mainly because earned media is obtained organically, so you don't pay for it. But reporters only report on your business if they feel you're doing something right or newsworthy. Earned media allows others to do the marketing for you, and there can be a powerful marketing boost that occurs when this happens.

This has many benefits: You can boost your SEO, your overall reputation amongst your customers, and create a better sense of brand awareness.

Creating High-Quality Content Marketing Material

Content creation is content marketing. This means that you're creating content on your various digital platforms you can use to enhance the impact of your social media marketing. These days, content marketing has become a critical component of digital marketing, as you have to create high-quality content to interest or engage potential customers.

As always, this requires real forethought and planning. You have to know your audience to leverage your content marketing toward them. Who are they, what content are they interested in, and what trends are already happening right now? Furthermore, where are they located, and how can you communicate with them to build trust and credibility? Remember, you have to create content that doesn't just sell or promote: your content must value-add to what they are trying to do and positively contribute to their lives.

It's worth noting that content marketing is a critical component of social marketing. Creating excellent content marketing will ensure that your business can use social media to sell your products and engage in social commerce appropriately.

Search Engine Optimization Allows Your Voice to be Heard

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will enhance the discoverability of your website. If you don't actively engage in the appropriate SEO tactics, you will fail.

However, again, SEO is not a fly-by-night process. You need to understand how websites like Google track SEO, what keywords people use to find your website, and what tactics are currently in vogue via search engines. This means that you need a broad understanding of the right tactics and the right strategies to be successful.

Furthermore, SEO is more than just ensuring that your website can be found. If you get SEO right, your customers will think better of you, as you will be presenting them with helpful content that they can incorporate into their daily lives. This builds credibility, increases engagement, and can create trust with your customers. Of course, all of this can lead to more sales.

At the end of the day, your business needs help from experts to get the marketing strategy you deserve. At Fifth & Cor, we have ample experience creating a winning marketing strategy that incorporates digital marketing, earned media, content creation, and more. If you want some help, contact us today.


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