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Top Five Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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In today’s highly competitive marketplace, your marketing strategy needs to be stronger than ever. Before developing your marketing campaign, you also need to define your goals and ensure that you are in touch with your target market’s wants and needs. But even if you’ve put together a marketing strategy containing outstanding copywriting and graphic design, you could still be making marketing mistakes.

Small marketing mistakes can have a detrimental effect on your marketing campaign, causing you to lose customers to your competitors. Avoid the following marketing mistakes when developing your strategy.

Marketing Content That Isn't Appealing to Your Audience

Even if your product or service isn’t generally exciting, that doesn’t mean your marketing content should also follow suit. You’ll want to avoid overly lengthy text blocks and stock photography. Instead, opt for exciting imagery or trendy graphic design, and impactful statements that highlight the features of your product and resonate with your audience.

You can further enhance your creatives with user-generated content and by working with influencers. Promote your brand with social media marketing to attract new potential customers that will share your content.

Extensive Copy or Copy That Doesn't Deliver a Message

Today’s consumers don’t possess the desire or the patience to read through pages of web copy. They want to discover the information they seek as quickly as possible. If they have to search through seemingly endless paragraphs of text, they will likely lose interest and turn to a competitor’s website instead.

Consider your audience when copywriting. By being aware of the wants and needs of your target market, you can create copy that appeals to your audience and showcases why they need your product or service.

Promotions That Don't Excite Your Audience

Giveaways and other promotional tactics can serve to attract new potential customers, but not if they aren’t relevant to your audience or offer low-value items. Promotions should generate excitement amongst your audience, and giveaways should be something your customers could actually use. Otherwise, it’s just wasted marketing dollars and a possible loss of customers.

Too Many Promotions

Beginning a new promotion before a prior one has run its full course serves to devalue your marketing efforts and confuse your audience. To achieve the maximum value and optimal performance of a particular promotion, you need to allow your ads to run for the proper length of time. Use market research and customer data you’ve collected to determine the ideal length and effectiveness of each promotion.

Choosing Quantity Over Quality

Another one of the most common marketing mistakes is posting too much content just for the sake of posting content. While it is important to ensure your brand stays firmly rooted in the minds of your target audience, an abundance of low-quality content will actually have the opposite effect.

Instead, focus on posting intentional content that serves to establish your brand as an authority in your industry and helps to solve the pain points of your customers. Your content should serve to further guide the customer along their consumer journey, ultimately increasing sales conversions.

Take the Next Step

While there are, of course, other marketing mistakes that you could be making, eliminating these five will serve to improve the overall effectiveness of your campaign and provide a stronger ROI from your paid advertising. Learn how to avoid these mistakes by partnering with Fifth & Cor. We’ll work with you to build your brand and tell your story through multi-channel experiences.


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