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What Is Live Selling & What Are The Benefits?

Live selling using Facebook live

Live selling on social media is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to marketing and sales. It allows you to interact and sell to your audience in real-time through your social channels.

Social media is already a considerable aspect of business and likely demands much of your time. Marketers have been utilizing social media for over a decade to promote products and build audiences. Still, in 2022, the new aspect of live selling is taking the marketing world by storm. Let's discover why your business should use this potent tool.

What Is Live Selling?

Enter "what is live selling?" into your search bar, and you'll see pages and pages stating that this type of selling is the future for many businesses, most notably those in the e-commerce and retail industries.

Live selling means selling products via social channels through live video. This significantly reduces marketing and advertising costs through the power of the internet and a few social media accounts.

Why Your Business Should Start Live Selling?

There are numerous reasons for live selling through platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. It provides your business with the opportunity to engage directly with a broad audience and sell at the same time.

Using live video, you can showcase products, make sales and even grow your audience by marketing the upcoming live sale. What's more, this won't cost you a dime. All you need is the time set aside (and perhaps a video script for the live sale), an internet connection, and a Facebook account.

This eliminates the need to target and interact with customers individually, in-store or via phone/email. This online selling method in real-time builds trust in your brand and ensures a streamlined selling process because you can interact directly and in real-time with audience members.

What Does Live Selling Offer The Consumer?

In the eyes of the consumer, live selling has some fantastic benefits. You're removing all of the time and effort the consumer would typically go through when finding and buying your products. Instead of trawling the internet, your audience will come across your live sale by simply checking their socials.

For example, before live sales, customers needed to search for what they want on Google, come across your product, read through product descriptions, and trawl through various third-party websites for honest product reviews. Live selling eliminates all of this.

With live selling, your customer needs to log onto the live sale video and can get immediate feedback. They can ask questions throughout the live sale, get answers immediately, and get all the information they need to make a sale on the spot.

Live Streaming Works Wonders For Paid Ads

When it comes to utilizing the power of live streaming, there's no more powerful example than with paid ads. The results are astonishing because video is the most engaging form of content, making up 82% of all consumer internet traffic, regardless of the live aspect. This high customer engagement reduces marketing and ad campaign costs by eliminating the need for extensive marketing collateral and face-to-face customer interaction.

Instead of a standard infographic quickly created on Canva, you have a super engaging live video where customers can interact with you and where you can actively eliminate any buying doubts.


It's without a doubt that live streaming and selling are extremely powerful in selling your products. While it remains to be seen whether live selling is the future of retail sales, it's certainly a super effective method for selling your products through social channels.

This method significantly reduces marketing and ad costs and is a super-easy way to sell your products. To recap, let's check out the main benefits of live selling:

  • Cost reduction for ad campaigns and marketing

  • Customer engagement

  • It makes it easier for customers to buy from you

  • Effective paid ad campaigns

If you need help with your next ad campaign, we can provide the knowledge you need to sell effectively through your social channels. Fifth & Cor is a marketing and innovation company that stays on top of all of the changes in the marketing world. Learn how to navigate and conquer the emergence of live selling by clicking here.

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