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Instagram Mistakes to Avoid

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Instagram is an essential platform if you’re looking to boost your content creation and grow your audience. If your Instagram isn’t providing the results you want, you may be making preventable errors. There are many Instagram mistakes to avoid; here are some of them.

Not Engaging With Your Following

Engaging with your followers is essential if you’re looking to expand from Instagram. This means promptly responding to anyone that leaves a comment or messages you with a question or query. Failing to do this can be a significant risk to your business and harm your popularity and image.

Make building relationships with your followers through exchanging messages and likes a priority. Followers appreciate this type of engagement, and it’s a great way to incorporate value into your brand. Be sure to innovate through your content and approach on Instagram.

Having Poor-Quality Photos

Quality is paramount in content marketing. Any content you post should add value to your brand and be appropriate for your audience. The quality of images or videos you post on social platforms says a lot about your brand. Poor-quality images look unprofessional and may discourage followers to engage with you or buy your products or services.

Creating quality images for social media platforms is easy if you know how. There are many tools available to help you create quality content. Instagram includes a range of filters and edit options when you post an image or video. Take advantage of these where you can. They can help significantly enhance your images.

There is also a range of free online tools to assist with content creation. You can create high-quality images using Canva, Pixlr, and Design Wizard tools.

Not Having Proper Hashtags for Your Content

Hashtags are an Instagram essential. They play a vital role in the discovery of your posts, so they need to be included in your marketing strategy. You should research appropriate hashtags for your content before posting. When it comes to mistakes to avoid, people usually make one of two: They either use improper hashtags, or they don’t use them at all.

Users on Instagram will often search popular hashtags to discover new content. This means you need to include hashtags relevant to your posts that your target audience will search for. The more you have on your posts, the more they will show up on related feeds and drive traffic to your profile.

An Incomplete or Ineffective Bio

Although the Instagram bio section is relatively limited in the information you can include, you should never leave it incomplete. Use this space effectively and make the most of it. Make sure there is a link in your bio, either to your website or another helpful page. You can also use tools to create a landing page of links connected to your profile.

Aside from a link, you should also include a CTA to accompany it. For example, “join the conversation” or “visit our site.”

Having a Private Profile

This is one of the most prominent Instagram mistakes to avoid if you want to grow your audience. A private profile can mean your potential audience will pass you by. Most people will scroll through a profile and look at previous content before following. A private profile means this is hidden from anyone that isn’t following you.

If your profile is private, most people won’t bother following you and waiting for approval just to view your content. Be sure that the profile is set to be viewed by anyone, and you’ll likely notice an increase in followers.

Overposting or Not Posting Enough

People follow your Instagram page to view your content. This means you need to be sure to provide it. However, there is a fine line between posting too much and posting too little. Quality over quantity should always be observed when posting to Instagram. Posting duplicate posts is one of the biggest content creation mistakes to avoid. It makes your page appear cluttered and gives the message that you don’t care enough to post something new.

People will get sick of your content if you post too much and will likely unfollow you. If you don’t post enough, people will unfollow because they’re not getting anything from following your page. Posting twice a day is a happy medium. However, you should keep your posting times consistent. Using an app to automate this process can be a good idea.

We Can Help!

If you’re still struggling to get the most from your Instagram page, we can help you. We specialize in content creation and Instagram marketing. Contact Fifth & Cor today to bring your Instagram brand up for success!


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