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Pinterest Idea Pins Take Center Stage

Updated: May 2

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Pinterest remains a top draw among social media users and digital marketers. Unlike other platforms, the network categorizes visual elements that unite people (i.e., pinners) through shared interests.

According to industry reports, many B2C marketers have increased the integration of audio and visual content, while some experts have identified images and videos as the most critical type of produced content. Visual content marketing could be in for the long haul, which could see Pinterest rising as a top platform for digital marketers.

The future seems bright for Pinterest, considering the recent updates with its idea pins feature, alongside the standard pins that users have treasured for over a decade.

Not Your Regular Pinterest Pin

Pinterest introduced idea pins in 2021, where users can bookmark up to 20 pages of their favorite music voice-over recordings, videos, and similarly dynamic content. Idea pins can conveniently supplement your ongoing digital marketing strategies by providing customers with an accessible visual board for your thematic ads.

These video-format pins boost your regular pins that contain photos and images linked to your official brand sites. Idea pins developed from Pinterest’s Story Pins launched in 2020, featuring ephemeral content similar to Instagram Stories and Snapchat videos.

Essentially, your customers can revisit advertisements and promotional content through a saveable and lasting format through Idea Pins. Your brand will have the opportunity to engage with customers to leave a lasting impression via quality videos, as typically found across paid ads.

Cross-platform Functionality

The broad appeal of Pinterest Idea pins (according to Pinterest, daily idea pin creation multiplied by four times from January) has led to further feature improvements, advancing its accessibility and capabilities. Pinners can now download and share their favorite idea pins across other social media sites, including Instagram and Facebook, through the latest Pinterest update.

Clicking on the “FBStories” or “IGStories” initiates a download, which takes you to the pre-post view upon completion. You will find the pinned watermarked video embedded in the post and the options to edit and publish the content.

An “off-Pinterest” idea pinboard simplifies navigating multiple social networks, providing your digital marketing campaigns with a broader outreach and improved user engagement.

Optimizing Pinterest Idea Pins

Pinterest idea pins provide long-term content that you can conveniently apply across existing digital marketing platforms and channels. For instance, you may craft a blog post to complement your idea pins, telling a complete brand story that creates an immersive and engaging customer experience.

Diversifying your Pinterest idea pins can provide your customers with an all-encompassing strategy to engage your customers. Mixing up your content type increases the chances of engaging your crowd with the most suitable content.

For example, a conversational pin engages viewers by requesting questions for genuine customer feedback and response. Instructional pins can help individuals familiarize themselves with your brand’s products and services through an in-depth guide through visuals and concise text for easy reference.

You can conveniently re-caption and repurpose your video content for future campaigns through the new and improved idea pins. Pinterest’s intuitive visual interface, coupled with the user-friendly functions of other social platforms, will give you comprehensive management of your campaigns to reach desired outcomes.

Fifth & Cor - Your Ally in Optimized Digital Marketing

Fifth and Cor is an established digital marketing company that provides comprehensive strategies to boost your business. Our social media tactics include optimized implementation of the idea pin to align your content with other ongoing social media campaigns for a consistent brand experience.

We will guide you through Pinterest’s free and paid advertising tools to earn three times your regular conversion while doubling your ad spend. Our marketing specialists will help iron out the details and systematically customize a strategy that leverages Pinterest’s low cost-per-click (CPC).

Pinterest continues to evolve exponentially with user trends, and now might be a great time to include the social site in your existing digital marketing stack.

Reach out to a Fifth & Cor expert today to elevate your social media marketing performance with actionable engagement through Pinterest!

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