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Twitter, Shopify Partner to Allow Merchants to Sell on the Platform

On Jun. 22, 2022, Twitter and Shopify entered a partnership to launch a sales channel allowing merchants in the US to advertise and sell on the platform. The new collaboration presents a perfect opportunity for merchants to quickly tap into Twitter’s follower base to drive sales and generate more revenue.

In a post announcing the partnership, Twitter stated: With just a few clicks, merchants can connect their Twitter account to their Shopify admin and onboard onto our Shopping Manager – the entry point to our suite of Twitter Shopping tools.

Twitter/Shopify integration

Through the Twitter sales channel, you can onboard yourself as a merchant on the Twitter Shopping dashboard, manage your inventory, and access other eCommerce tools on your profile, thanks to Twitter's recently introduced product drops feature.

What Will Change with Twitter and How Will Merchants Benefit?

The new sales channel is made possible by Twitter’s other add-ons, including Twitter Shops, which was introduced in March 2022. The new sales channel allows you to link your Twitter profile with your Shopify store and get set up with Twitter’s Shopping Manager alongside other “Twitter for Professionals” features.

These features include Shop Spotlight and Location Spotlight, which currently work for US, UK, and Australian merchants. It allows them to display their location, contact information, and operating hours on their Twitter profiles.

Currently, you can enable these Twitter add-ons on your account. Best of all, these features automatically load products from your Shopify online store onto the social platform, which appears as a siding carousel on your profile.

The carousel allows Twitter users to browse your inventory, click on items, or expand and view up to 50 items on your store.

Users are redirected to your Shopify store when they select a product from the carousel. Also, as your Shopify catalog expands or changes, new items will automatically sync to Twitter Shops.

Conveniently, these features save you and your customer significant time and energy that could’ve been spent manually updating or searching for your store.

Why Does it Matter?

Shopify is already a successful eCommerce platform for all merchants – those just starting out and those looking to grow and effectively manage their online businesses. In fact, Shopify notes that orders placed through other social channel integrations quadrupled in quarter one of 2022.

By partnering with Shopify, which grew its customer base from 1.7 million to over 2 million merchants in 2021, Twitter is giving marketers another brilliant way to scale and grow their eCommerce efforts.

Twitter’s follower base, on the other hand, hit 214.7 million users in 2021, a 12% growth from the previous year’s growth. This included 37.5 million users in the US. This growth offers marketers a sizable chunk of prospects.

According to Shopify, launching the sales channel on Twitter is part of eCommerce’s platform to scale its shopping products and attract more online sellers.

“Reaching potential customers where they are is critical to the success of Shopify merchants. Twitter is where conversations happen, and the connection between conversations and commerce is vital,” said Amir Kabbara, Director of Product, Shopify.

Twitter Shops and Shop Spotlight are already out of the beta testing stage and available to all US merchants. One of the earliest merchants to try out the product was Trixie Cosmetics.

In a Twitter blog, Jessica Stevens, Senior Social Media Manager at Trixie Cosmetics, said that the “Twitter sales channel makes it quicker and easier to meet our customers wherever they are.”

The Twitter and Shopify integration comes at a time when social eCommerce is gradually picking up across the globe. In the US alone, social eCommerce sales will hit approximately $79.6 billion by 2025.

According to the source, 44% of the US social media users had purchased a product through a social media platform, many of them being millennials and generation Z audiences.

These statistics only cement the fact that social commerce will only get bigger. Social media networks are helping merchants close the gap between promotion and purchase. And with most consumers spending too much time on these platforms, the market is set to explode.

In the meantime, with such functionalities becoming more common and the outlook looking incredibly promising, there’s never been a better time to expand your online store.

Fifth & Cor can help your brand benefit from this Shopify and Twitter integration and enhance your sales growth. Click here to talk to us about how you can get started selling on Twitter.

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