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Twitter to Start Harnessing the Power of the Podcast Through On-Platform Integration

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Podcasts are taking the media world by storm, with 62% of U.S. consumers stating they regularly listen to audio podcasts. That percentage is only expected to keep growing.

Twitter is the latest social media platform to hop on board the podcasting train with its recent announcement that it will integrate podcasts into the Twitter platform. Keep reading to learn more about the social media giant’s plans to increase organic social media engagement through podcasts and how you can get involved.

Twitter’s Move to Podcasts

After research found that 45% of U.S. Twitter users also listen to podcasts monthly, the tech company wanted to find a way to bring the two together, especially since podcasts have become an enjoyable, ‘passive’ task that 94% of listeners do while multitasking.

In late August, Twitter started incorporating podcasts into its redesigned Spaces tab. Spaces, currently available to a limited group of English speakers on iOs and Android devices, is an app extension that allows users to have live audio conversations on the platform.

Spaces users can categorize podcasts by “happening now,” topics they follow, and any upcoming events. The extension will allow users to have deeper, more meaningful conversations past the app’s 280 written character limit to “bring people closer to the ideas, content, and creators they know and love.”

You can find Spaces in the navigation bar on mobile devices.

Podcasting to Boost Brand Awareness

Twitter marketing has historically been an organic social media network to reach and connect with new audiences. Now that Twitter is integrating podcasts into the platform, it gives brands even more ways to foster lasting connections with consumers through authentic engagement.

Brand advertisements on podcasts are an effective way for marketers to engage hard-to-reach demographics and ‘ad-avoiders’ who shy away from traditional forms of social media advertising. By providing podcasts on relevant, valuable, and entertaining topics, your brand can boost organic social media engagement while fostering authentic interaction through real-time host/listener voice conversations.

You can also use podcasts to establish yourself as a well-informed and connected thought leader in your industry. The more podcasts you appear on as a guest, the more you will increase your brand's reach and connect with new audiences.

Perhaps best of all, Twitter’s podcasts do away with the app’s notoriously limiting 280-character limit. Now, podcasters have free rein over their conversations and can talk at length about the issues that matter to them, their brand, and their consumers.

Podcasts are an excellent way for your brand to build a following, develop your organic engagement, and connect with prospective customers, often leading to long-term relationships and sales.

Fifth & Cor Can Help

If you would like to implement a podcast or even optimize your Twitter marketing strategy, reach out to Fifth & Cor today. We’d love to help you reach your fullest potential in marketing outreach. Contact us today to learn more.

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