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Post, Engage, Repeat: The Importance of Regular Social Media Posting

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Nowadays, social media is not only a platform for connecting people, it has also become a valuable arena where businesses can advertise and make their presence known to a worldwide audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Almost all companies know how important it is to have a social media presence. However, having a good logo and a business account on several social media platforms and posting once in a while is not enough.

Social media has become dynamic and prioritizes businesses that post regularly and have higher engagement. This means that by posting regularly, companies can stay on top of the social media algorithm and get the attention they need from their followers.

Consistent Posting and Business Growth

In addition to being a more effective alternative to traditional advertising, posting on social media can help companies grow by:

  1. Increasing Brand Awareness Studies show millennials worldwide spend an average of 142 minutes per day on social media. Businesses can use this to their advantage when they post regularly. They can establish their presence and potentially reach, engage, and build a community that resonates with their brand voice. With regular posting, companies build consistency and trust with their audience and increase their brand awareness with their followers.

  2. Increasing Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Social media indirectly affects SEO factors and can help drive organic traffic to the company website. In addition to this, a well-crafted call to action in the posts can increase conversion. If the company sells products, they can add the shop feature on their socials to encourage organic purchases from their followers.

  3. More Effective Lead Generation Social media marketing is one of the most valuable ways to get targeted potential customers interested in their products and services. Companies can word their postings specifically to generate and convert leads.

Most Popular Social Media Channels

There are many different social media platforms that companies can establish their presence by being active. Below is a list of the most popular social media channels companies can leverage.

  • Facebook is the most popular social media platform with 2.89 billion active users monthly. With Facebook, a company can target and engage the social media's massive audience using Facebook Advertising.

  • Twitter is a news and social networking platform where its members communicate in short messages (with a maximum of 280 characters) called tweets. With Twitter, a company can engage with their customer base who want a dialogue with their brand and keep an ear to the ground for how their competitor is doing using Twitter Search.

  • Pinterest is a creative social tool where people share photos of anything they find interesting, and it is an excellent option for a company to reach niche interests.

  • Linkedin is a social networking website geared toward business professionals. With a Linkedin business profile, they can showcase their company's services and help establish their company as an industry expert.

  • Instagram is also a social networking site like Facebook, focusing on photos and videos uploaded on a mobile device. On Instagram, businesses can tell exceptional visual storytelling of their brands and potentially reach 1.2 billion users worldwide.

The Omnichannel Approach

To maximize the effectiveness of social media posts, companies should use an omnichannel strategy approach. This means being active on a number of different sites so they can effectively reach and engage a broader audience. When posting on several social media sites, they must make sure the content is suited to that channel. For instance, their content on Facebook may not have the appropriate tone or length for Linkedin, or photos in Instagram might not be suited for Pinterest. To achieve consistency, it's best to automate and schedule social media posts to go live on their chosen platforms regularly.

What Happens If Companies Don't Post Regularly?

Creating content to post regularly on social media takes time and commitment. If companies don't make an effort to do regular social posting, they can lose all the benefits of posting regular content. They can lose engagement with their followers, lose their followers, or worse, sink their brand into oblivion.

Being consistent is the key to getting results from any social media postings. We can help! Contact Fifth & Cor to learn more about how we could implement a consistent omnichannel posting strategy for your brand.


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