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Looking for the Top Marketing Apps? These Three Are a Must

Person writing out a marketing plan

As Milan Kundera, the infamous Czech writer, said, "Business only has two functions — marketing and innovation."

There is denying the importance of innovation with a company. However, an innovative product or service will quickly fall flat if not strategically brought to market and commercialized accordingly. That is why innovation and marketing go hand in hand.

Companies need to prioritize a marketing plan and invest in digital marketing tools as the business world becomes more digital than ever before.

Whether brands seek social media marketing support or graphic design tools, there are many helpful apps and websites available for use daily, including these three.

1. Google Workspace for Planning

Strategic planning matters, and with Google Workspace, formerly known as Google Suite (G Suite), brands gain access to the productivity and collaboration tools needed to connect and create. The bulk of Google Workspace tools, such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Sites, Google Calendar, and Google Drive, will help companies stay organized to set and complete ongoing digital marketing goals.

Digital marketing teams need to be agile, and Google Workspace helps connect the dots. Although team members will work on different assignments from various locations, files can be stored and accessed whenever needed by whoever needs them.

In addition to the benefits associated with planning, Google Workspace can also help fuel marketing strategies via email marketing (Gmail). This email service is a good choice for small businesses with manageable email lists.

Here are the latest Google Workspace updates for early 2022.

2. Canva for Content Creation

Quality written content is essential for any successful marketing plan. However, that written content should be paired with visual content. Data shows that tweets with images are retweeted 150% more than those without, and blogs with visuals get 94% more views; graphic design tools are incredibly valuable — like Canva.

Canva is a content creation tool that doesn't require design skills thanks to its many easy-to-use features, including the ability to drag and drop. Choose from thousands of templates, hundreds of free graphics and photos, and over 100 design types, including social media posts. There are free, pro, and enterprise plans depending on a company's design needs.

3. Creator Suite for Scheduling on Social

Heading into 2022, around 4.55 billion people, representing over half the globe's population, use social media.

These social networks have transformed marketing, allowing brands to boost conversion rates, increase traffic, build brand awareness, improve brand loyalty, and more. However, scheduling is an important consideration to optimize a social media marketing strategy. Greater planning and automation allow marketing teams to save time while achieving greater consistency and overall success.

For those heavily invested in Facebook and Instagram, two of the world's largest and most active platforms, Creator Studio is a must-try. It offers all the tools brands need to post, manage, monetize, and measure content across these two social platforms.

Need Help Creating a Winning Marketing Strategy?

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